Land Lubbing

About four months ago, Jason and I signed off the Radiance for the last time as employees. When we got engaged we considered doing another contract, but we decided to take a break and sort out our lives on land. Since he’s from England and I’m from Iowa, we have visas, a wedding, and a couple of receptions to figure out. It’s tricky to organize those things while on a ship!

After we signed off Jason came over to the States, and we met up in Minneapolis. We found a jeweler who does awesome, custom rings, so we ordered our wedding rings! No spoilers until after the wedding. 🙂

We went back to Des Moines for a weekend, and then we drove out to Denver for about five days. Neither of us had spent much time there, so we wanted to check out the city. We loved it! There were a ton of good restaurants and bars, and after we parked the first day we didn’t have to drive anywhere until we left. I love a walkable city.

We returned to Des Moines, and we had about a week and a half to hang there. Jason gets along well with my family, and I was glad everyone could be together.

I started this a couple months ago, but I forgot to post it. I’ll give another update about the past couple months next.


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  1. badmoodz says:

    “Jason gets along well with my family” uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….


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