Port Douglas


I almost slept in today. Jason’s parents are cruising, and the week has flown by in a mix of Samba Brazilian dinners, shows, Park Café lunches, breakfasts in the dining room, and days in both Airlie Beach and Cairns, Australia. They signed up for a snorkel excursion to the Great Barrier Reef for today, but I had rehearsal and couldn’t do a full day tour. Last night, exhausted, I considered sleeping in, staying on board, and catching up on things like laundry today. The rhythm section guys made plans to get off early, and since I’ve never been here before, I tagged along.


From left to right: Mickey, Tim, Vincent, and me
After the ride on the tender boat from the ship to shore, we headed to town and a restaurant called the Little Larder. It had great reviews on tripadvisor, and I always need a good breakfast. The coffee was delicious, and Mickey had a juice that looked good as well. I ordered something called white bean shukashuka. 
Mickey, Tim, juice, shukashuka, epic French toast
You can see a bit of it in the foreground of this picture. I need to learn how to make it! There was a tomato/chili type sauce, white beans, feta cheese, and a poached egg. The sauce was a bit spicy but manageable. I loved it, and it was healthy! 

After breakfast Vincent met up with us and brought a map. He led us to a lookout over the coast of Port Douglas. 

The beach had baby waves, but the water was warmer than almost all the other beaches I’ve visited.

This was from about halfway up the walk. 


Look how small the Radiance is from the lookout!

We couldn’t have had better weather. 


Vincent and I needed a picture together!

When we climbed back down we still had a couple hours before we needed to be on the ship, so we popped around the shops. I found a bookstore called the Whileaway Cafe, and I wanted to buy a ton of books. Ships make it hard to buy actual books. 

We ended the day with lunch at a place called Cafe Ziva (scone with clotted cream and jam, yum), and I made it back on board with time to call home. I’m so glad I got off the ship that day!




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