Tasmania Cruise

I’m back and already pretty settled on the ship. This is my first time in Tasmania, and today we’re in Hobart. I’m still jet lagged and sleeping random hours, so I didn’t get up early to hike. Instead I’m walking around the city with some friends from photo, shops, and the bar: Rhiannon, Kaitlyn, Nadine, Stanford, Amit, Vanessa, and Mary. We found a restaurant called Barcelona, and I got some delicious mushroom pasta. I’ll put a picture at the end.

Since I’ve been back we’ve had a few standard shows: Welcome Aboard (Come Sail Away count: 2), Piano Man (Elton John, Harold Arlen, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, and Barry Manilow medleys), and Patrick McMahon (Aussie guest entertainer who plays Neil Diamond, Johnny Cash, and a bit of Rod Stewart. One of the nicest guys ever). I’m so glad I brought my 5 string back! It feels really good play and it came in handy with both shows so far. I’ve got some blisters happening, but that’s my own fault for bopping around during vacation without my bass.

I live in the same room I started in last contract, and my roommate is great, but she leaves next turnaround day. Not sure who I’ll get then, but maybe a new trumpet player who was here August of last year.

I did some trainings online at home, so I haven’t had to do as many now that I’m back. I’m excited to be in one place again and get settled in.



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