Vacation/Life on Land



All right, I’ll be honest. I’m calling this a vacation because I still feel as though I need to go back on a ship someday (probably in this upcoming year), but for now I am living on land. I wanted a change at the end of my last contract, and there were gigs here in Des Moines that I wanted to take, so I’m still doing music, but I am not technically a bass on a boat at the moment.




Anyway, gigs have been fun. I got home in early September, celebrated my birthday with friends and family (finally went to the Hessen Haus downtown for a boot), went to the Ozarks, got a couple of part-time jobs to support my bass habit, and that’s what I’ve been up to so far. One job is at a before and after school day care, and the other is at the Body Shop in the mall.  I’ve been lucky and have started playing with some great people in Des Moines, and I’m learning my way around Des Moines, and it’s about time.  My grandma celebrated her 90th birthday, so I had a mini-vacation to Maryland with my mom and sister, and I took a day and went to New York City as well. I joined a gym here in town and have tried to keep up the workouts from the ship, but I don’t think they’re quite as intense as all the insanity we were doing.

I’ve played a ton with a singer named Max Wellman, and you can check out his website here:  Des Moines is happenin’ and it’s been great experiencing all it has to offer.


There’s only one problem.  Maybe it’s the weather, but I’m getting antsyyyyyyyyyyy to go on another trip, and right now I don’t mind if that means working on a ship or just going to a new place.  During spring break I’m going to New York again to spend a proper week there and see everyone, but I’m itching to try someplace new.  I keep browsing flights all over and I’m always checking out the getaways tab on Groupon.  I bet that before this year is up I’ll try another ship somewhere, but I just have to work out the timing with a few things happening here.  I’m playing a show at the Civic Center in March, and then there’s the New York trip, so it’ll definitely have to wait until after that, and a friend from the ship will visit in August/September, so I’ll either sneak one in between March and August or I’ll ask about possibilities later in the year. It’s also so tempting to knock out my student loans with one more contract!





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  1. Carissa says:

    I’m so excited for New York! And I know how you feel — I’m itching to travel somewhere, or at least for nicer weather so I can experience the beaches here! That’s a fabulous idea about groupon, I’m gonna sign up. Can’t wait to see you! XOXO


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