Family Visit




Hola, blog readers.  My family just left yesterday after a three-day stay in Barcelona followed by a twelve-day cruise.  Dad learned that he does not need to pack as many clothes, and I think everyone else enjoyed the cruise as well.  They did excursions in Athens and Ephesus, but we managed to find our own way to some great places.  I hadn’t been out to Rome at all this contract, and we had a nice walk around the Colosseum, Forum, and Gardens.  They also did some things that I haven’t been able to make my way out to visit, so I’ve got some things to see before I leave this contract.



Now I miss them already though!  I think that was the first big group vacation with my dad’s family that we’ve ever taken.  Is it too dramatic to say that I love traveling but hate being away?  That’s definitely how I felt yesterday.



In order to make myself busy after they left, I met with a couple of friends and organized some gym times.  Today I signed up for a bunch of excursions for this cruise.  The first one is river rafting in Croatia.  I’ll be sure to let you know how everything goes!











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  1. Phil Peters says:

    We had a wonderful time. Miss you already too. I need to hear about your other excursions. They sound like lots of fun and reason for us to go again.

    We will pick up Mei later today but Eddie was very happy to see us.
    Love you tons.


  2. Brookie, so happy all of you had a great vacation. My thoughts were with you throughout. Looking forward to your return. Gma


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