Made My Day.


On every sea day I help out the art auctioneers.  It’s my side job, and I’ve started to like it quite a bit.  Rob, a singer, and I register all the guests who come through, explain the way the auction works, and offer them free champagne (they love that!).  Two days ago a guest came in with the last name “Walrath.”  That’s not a very common last name, so I asked if she is from Iowa because I have a friend with that name.  She said no, but she brought over her roommate (with a different last name) and that woman had grown up in Des Moines!  I told her that I did too, and then she said, “Well, actually I lived in West Des Moines, but…” and I could have hugged her.  That’s what I always say to people! It’s easier to use Des Moines, but I never meet people who are also from the area and would take the time to clarify that they’re from West Des Moines.  It made me feel good to know that someone from Iowa was onboard!

Other than that, life goes on as usual on the ship.  I had tonsillitis for five days, but the doctor gave me antibiotics so I’m good as new!  My friends came on board on May 29 and we had a blast catching up.  One more will cruise on July 4. I’m the food representative, so I need to ask the chefs if we can have some standard July 4 barbecue food.  A few of us from the band are planning a trip for our next Venice overnight, but I’ll give more details when I have them.

Also, last night we had the best guest entertainer I’ve ever played.  He’s a xylophone player, Ian Finkel, and he arranged all the music we played.  For starters, the arrangements were wonderful (the charts make or break the entertainer. I can’t take people seriously if they bring in bad arrangements.) Plus, he was great with the crowd.  I’m hoping to find somebody who recorded a bit of that show.

You know why I’m really excited? My family is coming in 18 days!!! Just a cruise and a half!  With twelve days cruises I should have at least a couple of nights free or mostly free, and our days are always pretty open.  And Captain Michel will be back! He’s my favorite.

I’m missing an event at home this weekend, so I’ve been very homesick, but hopefully having my family on board will help.  July will definitely be a good month!


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  1. That’s interesting, West Des Moines, home town. In my family it has been Clifton Forge, VA, a little town, but we often run into someone who is from there or has been there. Have a happy Fourth! Gma


  2. mdiamn says:

    What’s the event this weekend? Also, I love when that happens! It would happen sometimes in Minneapolis and it was so funny! Miss you too!


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