Holy Cow

Some guest entertainers are horrible.  I thought I’d sat through boring shows before, but this last one was painfully awkward.  And the charts for the band were not that bad.  Actually, they were fun to play.  We got to play jazz for the main show in the theater! The singer (who shall remain nameless) had absolutely no stage banter.  A big chunk of the audience walked out after the third song, and more trickled out through the each show.  During one song he started the band, forgot to make the audience stand up, stopped us mid-song, and tried to tell the crowd to stand up for him.  Can you imagine?  Then he did it again during the second show! Ughhhh, it was just an embarrassing evening.

Luckily, our lovely singer Rob booked the Staff and Officer’s bar for a hat party later that night.  What else could improve an evening like wearing a fun hat?

Love from Kusadasi today!


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