Visitors and Hypnosis


Today my friends from the last cast are coming to cruise! Amy, my old roommate, and Kristen, a dancer, might even be on the ship now.  I didn’t have wi-fi the past couple of days so I don’t actually know the plan, but hopefully they’ll be getting settled when I get back to the ship.  Hurray!!

A few nights ago the crew welfare organized a hypnotist show for crew.  About a month ago the same hypnotist was onboard, and I went up onstage during the guest show because almost no one from the audience volunteered.  I didn’t get into a deep trance that time, but I could imagine it working in the right situation.  Wearing a dress kept me from completely relaxing onstage (definitely did not want to be inappropriate), and I just couldn’t go under all the way.  This time I just wanted to watch the crew show, but the same thing happened: nobody would volunteer.  He ended up pulling me out of the audience just to try to get more people onstage.  Our cruise director went up as well because he didn’t think he could be hypnotized and wanted to get people to follow his example and volunteer.  Well, I fell asleep right away, but it still wasn’t a deep trance.  Rich, the cruise director, ended up going under completely and he hardly remembered it the next day.  I was semi-aware the whole time, and I knew I was still up onstage, but I really wanted to do everything he said.  One of my friends apparently taped a bit of it, but I haven’t seen it yet. It was definitely better than the first time I tried it, but I’m still not completely convinced it worked on me.  Maybe another time.  I never would have volunteered to go onstage when I was in high school or college, so maybe I’m getting bolder! That definitely would be a good thing.

That’s all that’s new at the moment.  More updates about this cruise with Amy and Kristen!


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  1. sue otte says:

    Hi Brooke – did your friends happen to say what you actually did up on the stage? Just wondering…


    1. Brooke says:

      Yes, and I watched a bit of the video. Nothing too embarrassing!


  2. Brookie, I admire your willingness to try. If you ever have a magician on board, I hope you don’t volunteer to be the lady he saws in half. Gma


    1. Brooke says:

      Don’t worry! I won’t. And I’ll stay away from the jugglers who try to juggle axes too. 🙂


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