Can’t Stop


I think I’m addicted to traveling.  Each time I find free wifi I check out all the new places the Serenade will go.  In three weeks we leave for Europe!  Now I’m even thinking about doing another contract after this because the ship goes to Dubai and Egypt for the winter.  I want to go places during my vacations too, but I don’t know how I’m ever going to go to all the places I want to visit!  This vacation I’m probably not going to do a big vacation, but maybe in 2013.  I’m always finding new places I need to see! Today I’m daydreaming about Sweden for some reason.  Other days Brazil and Seattle are on my mind.  Or England and Ireland again! Alaska! And I need to see more of France at some point. And Eastern Europe too! I could list places for days and still be excited.  This is definitely a good job for me at the moment.


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  1. Brookie, you inherited your interest in traveling from your grandfather who joined the Navy and enjoyed the many places he went. He was interested in the cultures of the people and their languages, which he was pretty good at picking up. One tour he enjoyed was the Mediterranean where you will be going soon. It will be lovely.Wish I could join you. Love, Gma


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