Lovely Week!


Hello!  This week the Caribbean was beautiful.  Amy, my roommate, had a friend cruising, and since we had to make sure she properly enjoyed her vacation, we had a blast every day.

In St. Maarten we went to Airport Beach, a French Restaurant, and Bob’s (more beach).  It was a beautiful day, and I hadn’t been to Airport Beach since early last contract.  I’m going to try to find somebody who took pictures that day and post them.

Unfortunately, Amy got sick on the day we were in St. Kitts.  Her friend, Kelsey, let me use their extra ticket to go zip-lining.  We drove up into the rainforest, and there were four zip-lines for us to try.  Here is a picture of me right before the first one called, “The Boss.”

We shopped a bit in the afternoon, and then had our picture taken with a few monkeys.

Okay, on to Dominica.  I don’t have pictures yet of this, but hopefully soon!  I added pictures from Kelsey, but I forgot to put my own photos on my computer.  A group of us have tried to organize a snorkel/scuba dive in Dominica for the past four-six weeks, but the weather did not cooperate until this week.  Dominica is just starting to build up their tourism industry, so the best thing to do on that island is to go on excursions and see the natural beauty.  Trafalgar Falls are probably the most popular site, and I saw them last contract when Joe and Jeff were on board.  This week we went to Champagne Reef.  A few people in the group have their scuba diving licenses, so they got on a dive right away, but the rest of us went snorkeling.  It was beautiful!  An undersea volcano is right off the coast on Dominica, and the volcanic gasses seep into the water, and the bubbles look just like champagne.  Our guide showed us all sorts of fish and coral (including fire coral, which I avoided after Joe’s bad experience last Thanksgiving), and there was even a cannon and anchor from an old Spanish ship that sank.  In short, the day was amazing.

This week also brought a new cruise director because the previous one is having a baby.  I went to Chops for a friend’s birthday on my day off, and all in all, I had a wonderful week!  Love to everyone back home!


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  1. I’ll say, that really was a wonderful week! If there had been anything like zip lining around when I was your age, I would have tried it, too. It must have been quite a thrill. It reminded me of the old Tarzan movies. Did you ever see any? Tarzan had chimps, not monkeys. I wouldn’t have cared to have them around my neck. Love you, Gma


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