“Sometimes you wanna go…where everybody knows your naaaame..”

This theme song keeps running through my head today.  During my first contract I remember thinking about it because I didn’t know anybody and I missed all my friends from home.  This contract it’s in my head because people are so friendly! More people than I expect remember my name and say hi in the halls.  The best thing happened this morning at breakfast.  This contract I’ve gone to breakfast more regularly because the food is dependable and good.  I met and talked to the captain a few times last contract, but this morning when I passed him in the breakfast line, he said, “Good morning, Brooke!”  Captain Michel actually knows my name, isn’t that cool?  I think it made my day.


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  1. That makes my day also! It is so touching! But, then, your captain should find it very easy to remember your name and you, a nice sweet girl like you. Gma


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