Two More Days

I can’t decide which sort of punctuation I want after that title.  Part of me wants to title it: “Two More Days!!!!”  I can’t wait to see friends on the ship, get to the warm weather, and play bass/make money again.  I’ve made a budget and plan to pay off a big chunk of my student loans this contract.  No huge trips for me next vacation, so I’m thankful I went this time.  When else will I have a friend teaching in France?  It definitely made me realize that traveling by water is my favorite mode of transportation.  Planes are loud and randomly turbulent, trains require constant attention to make transfers and stops, and cars are dependent on everybody else driving well. Ships and boats are peaceful in comparison.

Hmm, I’m rambling a bit.  I could also title this blog: “Two More Days :-/”  Okay, I don’t think I’ll ever use an emoticon in a title, so this had a smaller shot.  I feel like I just got home, and now it’s time to go back.  Overall I’m excited to go back to the ship, but I’m going to miss family and friends all over again.  This contract will be a blast though.  I won’t have to adjust to the ship since I did that last year.  My friends from the cast are all still on the ship, and a bunch of the band members from last year are either already back on the Serenade or will sign on soon.  At the end of April we’re crossing the Atlantic and starting cruises out of Barcelona!  My grandparents, Dad, and Michele will cruise starting July 16.  I think all the variety in this contract will keep things interesting, so the time will fly by.  Plus, I traveled so much during this vacation that I feel like I was all over the place: Des Moines, Cedar Falls (x3), Maryland, Paris, London, and Urbana.  I chose to do all those trips, and I’m thankful I could see so many people I love.  On the ship I’ll be able to travel while living in the same place for seven months!  How convenient.

My friends here in Des Moines have started browsing and finding apartments.  Exciting!  This winter hasn’t been drastically cold or snowy, and I feel like I’ve gotten to experience a touch of spring weather.  Seriously, there have been days where I only needed a light jacket.  In January! In Iowa!  I’ll get back just in time for fall (and my birthday!), so I’ll definitely hit up the farmer’s market.  Leaving is making me sentimental about Des Moines.  Then I saw this article on facebook and got even more excited about this city:

All right, I need sleep to get all my stuff organized tomorrow. More when I’m at sea!


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  1. Ryan says:

    🙂 I didn’t know that you signed a new contract! Do you still have the same address on the ship because I would love to send you some snail mail love! Who’s teaching in France this year? I only remember Laura being in class with me but maybe I was mistaken. (getting old now!)

    Keep having this wonderful life adventure, Brooke! I’m looking forward to when you’re somewhat close to me and can get coffee! Alternatively, I would really like to have a vacation on your boat. 😉



    1. Brooke says:

      Hi Ryan! I’ll have the same address until the end of April, and then I’m not sure what the new one will be. I think there is an address in Florida we can use that would stay the same through the whole contract, but I have to check that on the ship. I’ll send you something when I find out!

      Kari is teaching in France this year. She started taking French in college, studied abroad junior year, and has been there as an assistant English teacher since October. What a fun job, right?

      I’ll definitely let you know when I’m up North, and I’d love to have coffee with you! Hope your semester goes well!


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