Home for the Holidays!

This title has two meanings.

1. I’m home from the Caribbean!  My last cruise went extremely fast, but I loved it.  The guest entertainers for that week didn’t use the band, so we had a night off (!!).  I went to Chops with Emily, Amy, Chris, Simon, Eriko, and Kristin that night.  As a special treat, that pair of guest entertainers did a show just for the crew at midnight.  I got to go to the beach twice that week, but almost every day was cloudy.  Luckily we had a perfect day in Barbados, and I got to spend the afternoon at the Boatyard.  Friday was one of those rare days when everything good on the ship happens: make-your-own-pizza day in the mess (with ice cream), waffle day (Captain Karen and some of the officers serve the crew waffles on the I-95), pay-day (for all the sign-offs, anyway), and another Chops dinner!  I know, I know.  Two Chops in one week?  Wayyyy too indulgent!  I’m not going to feel guilty though.  I worked gangway for the Port Shopping Agent on Thursday morning, and she paid for my Chops to pay for my time.  Delicious, and I got to try different appetizers each time! Well, one different appetizer.  Each time I visit Chops I have to get the Goat Cheese and Basil Soufflé.

2. I’m playing for the Max Wellman Home For the Holidays Christmas Shows.  Dave Rezek did the arrangements and is playing trumpet, Nick Rieser on piano, Joel Gettys on drums, and I’m playing bass. We had rehearsals on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and our first show was last night.  It went pretty well, and I think tonight will be even better.  If you’re in the Des Moines area and want to hear some jazz Christmas music, come by this weekend! Shows tonight and tomorrow will be at 7:30pm, and on Sunday the matinée will be at 3pm.


I’ve had a busy week at home, but I still managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Cedar Falls on Wednesday.  I missed Des Moines! It feels absolutely wonderful at home.  Although as the cold weather gets worse, I’ll probably be ready to go to Puerto Rico again next February.

Thanks for reading my blog so far.  I’ll keep it up with my travels this break and again next cruise.  Happy Holidays!


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  1. Glad to see you home. Really excited that you have he opportunity to do what you like AND cruise while you do that.

    I got a phone call last night that said BOB (Brooke On Bass) did an excellent job at the show with Max. Good going Brooke.

    Unfortunately, BJ and I will not be able to see/hear you this time. Black Diamond is working also, and it gets to be too much to try and work and drive to DM and back in one day. We know you will knock them dead at the shows.

    Thank you also for sharing your adventures. It is really fun to be able to follow you around the world and see that you are doing well.

    Keep it up girly!!!!


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