Thanksgiving, Signing off, etc.

Hello!  Sorry for my belated Thanksgiving post.  I had a busy and wonderful week with my “uncles,” Joe and Jeff, on board.  We did excursions in St. Maarten, St. Kitts, and Dominica, and I took them to the Boatyard in Barbados for Thanksgiving Day.  I think my favorite one was the “Mountain Downhill Trek” in St. Maarten.  Joe and Jeff also snorkeled in Tortola, but a jellyfish stung Joe.  The snorkel guide didn’t even want to admit that they had jellyfish in those caves.  I got to have breakfast or lunch and dinner with them almost every day of the week.  We even went to the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater!  The dining room had a filling and delicious Thanksgiving dinner, but I still missed the food and family from home.  I bought a phone card that night and talked to family, and even though I’m leaving in nine days, I got homesick.  Can you believe it?  I didn’t even deserve to feel homesick since I had Joe and Jeff on board, and I’ll be home soon.

This week I had a bit of a scare when Greg, the Musical Director, told me that they didn’t have a bass player lined up to replace me.  They asked me to extend my contract, but I’ve already got rehearsals, gigs, and other plans for the week I return home.  Luckily they’ve got another bass player, and I received my flight details this afternoon.

During the Crew Olympics our Boy 1, the lead male singer, injured his Achilles and hasn’t been able to do the shows.  The cast has worked extremely hard during these last few weeks rearranging the shows and planning a manager’s awards banquet.  I’ve been going to the gym with Emily, my trumpet playing workout buddy.  Tonight I’m going to start packing and figuring out how I’ll get all my stuff home.  I’ve accumulated a ton of random things during these past seven months.  I’ll get more batteries in my camera and I’ll put up more pictures next week.


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