Family and Halloween!

The past two weeks were both extremely busy and some of the most fun I’ve had on the ship so far.

My grandparents came on the cruise leaving October 23.  I’m so glad they came that week because we went to some of my favorite islands: Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Croix.  On Monday, the sea day, we were able to spend a lot of time together and relax.  It turned up easy to get on the excursions, and the first one was the “Best of Barbados.”  We went to the house of a former prime minister, St. John’s Church (a beautiful building with a cemetery overlooking the beach), an orchid garden, and the driver was a great tour guide.  On Wednesday I took them to my favorite restaurant on all the islands.  The Coal Pot in St. Lucia has the best French food that I’ve ever tasted. Well, technically I’ve never been to France, so maybe I can’t describe it that way.  Delicious-that works no matter what.  We relaxed in the morning on Thursday (Antigua), but we got off in the afternoon to wander around the town and Granddad led us to a beautiful cathedral undergoing restoration.  I tagged along on the excursion Friday morning in St. Maarten, and we got to a butterfly farm.  The guide was smart, and he was able to tell us about all the different types of plants and butterflies.  He even picked up butterflies and caterpillars and put them in our hands (without touching the wings, don’t worry.) After the butterfly farm we got to go down to the French side of island, Marigot.  We all relaxed on Saturday morning and had lunch on the ship, but after lunch we walked down the shore in St. Croix and I got to show them my deli! I loved having family on board.  Even just knowing that there are people in the audience supporting you makes the shows much more fun.

All right.  Saturday started our week of Halloween. Starting at midnight,  we decorated the Centrum (the atrium on some ships.  Just a big, open area starting on Deck 4 and going up to Deck 12) and the dancers worked on the Haunted House.  They made a special mash-up of different Halloween songs and danced Monday night.  Emily, one of our trumpet players, celebrated her 25th birthday on Tuesday, so we all went up to the Vortex to celebrate.  On Wednesday night we started the Crew Olympics with a game of Quest.  Quest is like a scavenger game, but it gets a tad racy.  Cruise division came in fourth place, but since it was just the first event we still have time to catch up.  Ricky, our cruise director, took the cruise division to De Palm Island in Aruba yesterday as a thank-you for all the Halloween work.  Beautiful! All food and drinks included, snorkeling, banana boat rides, water park, and a beach.  Perfect way to spend the last Aruba.  We had a crew Halloween party late last night, and I dressed up as a ’20s flapper girl.  All in all, this week was fun, but it went too quickly.  Now I have just five weeks left on the ship and I can hardly believe it.


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