Aruba Excursion

Quick note-pictures tomorrow.

Last night a few of the spa girls and one of the guys from the gym came up to the Jazz Singer set.  They said that they were planning a big day today in Aruba, and they invited me to join in.

Flash forward to this morning-most of them were too tired to wake up for our breakfast plans, so Elizabeth and I were the only ones who went.  We tried a beautiful and delicious breakfast buffet in a hotel. Oh, the orange juice!  I haven’t had good orange juice in five months, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it.  Even having coffee was exciting because the machine in the crew mess always breaks.

After breakfast we walked back to the port and found a guy to give us an island tour for two hours.  A family rode in our taxi too, and they were nice enough to take pictures of us together.  We saw the Natural Bridges, the Casibari Rock Formations, a random windmill that’s the only one on the island (people brought it straight from the Netherlands!), and Eagle Beach.

The Natural Bridges are absolutely breathtaking!  I’m so glad I finally got out and saw Aruba.  During my third week I went to the beach, but that’s the only thing I’ve done on this island besides internet and lunch.

Next week two of my grandparents are cruising, so I’m sure I’ll have more stories!


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  1. That’s very exciting that Phil and Barbara will be on the ship with you! I’m sure all of you will have a great time. Re natural bridges: Virginia has a famous one, not too far from Clifton Forge. Doug and I visited there when we made a pilgrimage to VA a couple years ago. It is spectacular. Gma


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