It’s Autumn in…San Juan


You know how I can tell?

Apple crumble lattes at Starbucks! Delicious and full of apple and cinnamon. Unfortunately most of my crumbles ended up soggy/melted at the bottom of the cup, but the effort was definitely there.  Fall is probably my favorite season in Iowa, and I’m definitely wishing I could see a little of it this year.  I’m skipping straight from May to the middle of December.  Palm trees do not change colors, and the temperature is just as hot and sticky as during the summer.  However, I am going to the beach in Aruba this week, so I’m not complaining.  I just finished cleaning out my e-mail inbox on my computer and I had messages dating back to fall 2009.  It feels strange that another whole summer has gone by.

So I’m at Starbucks catching up on internet/communication, drinking an apple crumble latte, and they’re playing the Beatles and jazz over the sound system.  I walked here with Emily (trumpet player), Simon (sax player), and Eriko (our new piano player), and it rained almost the entire way over.  Caribbean rain is the best-the air cools off but you’re still warm, and after the rain ends you can walk without feeling such heavy humidity.

This week I’m going to take more pictures of Aruba and Curacao because when our itinerary changes in the middle of November we’re losing those two islands.

One of the dancers is from Paris, and I’ve tried to speak my (embarrassingly sparse) French with him.  Do any of you readers have any tips for re-learning languages you studied in school?  I think someone in the band has Rosetta Stone so I could try that…thoughts? I’m going to France and England in January, so I need to brush up on my French!

Hope everyone back home is doing well!


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  1. Brookie, my only suggestion for learning or brushing up on a foreign language is the Berlitz book for that language, if they exist anymore. Your grandfather and I used one in Germany. he was better at it than I ever was, he had an ear for it. Fall has arrived here and the way we can tell is the drop in temperature, requiring winter jackets and heat in the house. Brr. Granadma.


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