Good News/Bad News

Not my favorite news: a bunch of my friends left last Sunday.  My next door neighbors have returned to Canada and their cat and the cast went back to their hometowns.

But on the bright side: the new cast seems really friendly!  Plus, although I’m leaving in December, they’ll all be here when I come back in February.  The current Musical Director leaves this Sunday, but the new one seems cool so far.  Almost our entire band from this summer will be back early next year, so all these goodbyes lately will actually be “see you laters.”

I’ve felt strange not going to school this semester.  Well, strange isn’t the right word.  I miss the people from UNI, but it feels great to be finished.  If I want to go back to school at some point, I’m going to wait until I’m ready.  I can have full nights of sleep now!

We’ve had a ton of drills this week. Guest boat drill Sunday, Charlie drill Tuesday, and Bravo drill Thursday.  I have a new emergency number, so now I’m in charge of a guest muster station.  This means that at the Guest boat drill I got to check off everyone’s names (instead of yelling at everybody to line up-huge improvement), and the Charlie and Bravo drills went a lot faster than normal because there are only a few crew there.  If I still have this number next time we have a Bravo drill my boat will have to go down, but I don’t mind.  It’d be good to get a bit of experience in a lifeboat.

My little sister started college this week! Well, she technically hasn’t started classes yet, but she moved up to Minneapolis on Monday.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out for her.  Andddddd I need to send mail.  Probably to her first, but I am behind and have a lot of letters to write.

Hope everybody’s doing well!

Other news: I think I’m becoming a Gleek.  One of my friends had the first couple seasons, and I looooove it so far. It completely appeals to my cheesy side.


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  1. Phil Peters says:

    OH NO!!!! NOT A GLEEK. Where, oh where did we go wrong? Curses.
    Please keep reporting your affinity for Jimmy Buffet and Reggae. At least then I’ll know there’s hope.



  2. Anne Allen says:

    Sana’s ‘gleek’y too………….and, while I hadn’t thought about it, perhaps the attraction is that it appeals to her cheesy side too………or that she’s 12.


  3. Brookie, what is a gleek? And did your friends from Canada have a cat aboard? Very interesting. Granma


    1. Brooke says:

      Hi Grandma, There’s a TV show called Glee and it’s so cheesy that it’s almost embarrassing to enjoy it. Fans of the show are called “gleeks,” and I thought I became one. However, I have since abandoned the show, so I narrowly escaped becoming a true “gleek.”


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