Irene Interrupts Itinerary


On Sunday the tropical storm Irene swept by San Juan.  The US Coast Guard closed the port, and our ship had to leave four hours earlier than planned.  Some crew members got off the ship early, before the captains made plans for an early departure.  One guy in the entertainment department missed the ship! He wasn’t alone-at least 150 guests missed the ship as well.  They had to fly from San Juan back to Tampa, then to Miami, and down to Aruba and they’re getting on the ship today.

Normally our schedule for this week would be as follows: San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Sea Day, Aruba, Curacao, Sea Day, and San Juan.  Instead, we did a Sea Day yesterday, Aruba today, Curacao tomorrow, Sea Day Thursday, St. Kitts Friday, St. Thomas on Saturday, and back to San Juan on Sunday.  Considering the hurricane, our week hasn’t changed too much.

This week there is a guest entertainer who is a ventriloquist and he doesn’t use the band! We’ll all get the day off in St. Kitts.  All the singers and dancers and a third of the band are leaving this Sunday, so there will be a ton of new people to meet and get to know.

I just found out about the earthquake on the East Coast…such crazy weather lately! Hope everybody is all right!


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  1. Sounds like a never ending NEW experience with the new people. Also sounds like a lot of fun.
    Max said we may get to see you later this year. That would be great. Hope it happens for you two. Sounds like he is experiencing new things down in Atlanta.
    Thank you for sharing…….



  2. Are those crew members leaving to return to college or is their contract up? Gma


  3. Brooke says:

    Their contracts are up! The band members are going back to school because they teach, but the singers and dancers are just done with their contracts.

    Mark-yes! Always new people and places. It sounds like Max will soon be big in Atlanta! Hope you’re doing well.


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