Yesterday in St. Maarten there was a crew excursion called “Regatta Yacht Racing.”  Almost thirty people signed up, so each yacht had a full crew.  In the beginning we divided into teams: Canada vs. Stars and Stripes.  I was on the Canada team, as were the rest of the band members on the excursion.  My job was “primary grindette.”  The other primary grinders/grindettes and I spun things that controlled the sails when the actual yacht crew told us it was time.  We had a few minutes of practice, and then we got to race the other team.

There were five legs of the race, and it was close.  Whichever yacht had the wind on the starboard side got the right-of-way yesterday, and that could make or break the lead.  In the end, we pulled through and passed the judge’s boat right before the Stars and Stripes.  After the race we got to keep sailing for a little while, and then we even got to jump off the yacht and swim!  The water was beautiful and tempting all morning, so it was great to actually be able to get in and enjoy it.

Last night the guest entertainer was Tony Tillman, a singer who was here my first week.  One tune of his show is still tricky (Sir Duke extremeeeeeeely fast), but it went so much better than last time!  It was the first time we’ve had a repeat guest entertainer since I’ve been on board, and I’ve gotten better! I know that I’ve felt better (much more comfortable than I was during my first week.  That was terrifying!), but I had real proof! The overall show was a lot easier than I remembered.

Today I’m spending the day at the deli in St. Croix.  I loved yesterday, but it’s nice to relax a bit today too.  Only sixteen more weeks of my contract…it’s gone so fast!

Here are some more pictures from the yacht racing:


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  1. Phil Peters says:

    So, who’s having a rough summer? NOT YOU!
    The pics are terrific. Keep posting. Great talking to you in person yesterday, too.
    Miss ya


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