It’s been a while…


and I’m sorry!  My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago, and I took it to a mac guy in St. Thomas.  We didn’t get to go back to St. Thomas for two weeks, so I went computer-less during that time.  Now it’s back and faster than ever, but I lost everything.  For some reason I’m not as upset about losing documents though.  Last time this happened was terrible…right between Thanksgiving break and finals week, projects were due, and I hadn’t backed up.  Ugh! It was a complete nightmare before, so now this doesn’t seem so bad.

Last week we had to avoid a hurricane, so our schedule switched up a bit.  I hope we don’t have more hurricanes, but it broke up the monotony.  I think we’re changing itineraries in September and getting a couple new islands, and it couldn’t come at a better time.  A bunch of friends have left lately, and I think I’m in a bit of a mid-contract slump.  I try to do one new thing each week, but I might have to get off the ship a bit less to save more money.  When we get off the ship to do internet we usually buy a drink or food (depending where we are) and that plus cab fare has unnecessarily eaten up money.  I only have four more months to save up! I want to pay off my student loans with a few more contracts, so I have to buckle down.  The crew welfare office has gotten some new people, and they’ve booked crew excursions that are a lot less expensive than they were before.  Next week a bunch of us are doing a regatta yacht trip in St. Maarten.  I can’t wait! It was only $15 and it’ll be a nice long tour.  I got to see the French side of St. Maarten last week for Bobbi’s birthday.  It’s strange to see the contrast-one block you’ll see a fancy resort, and the next block will look like it’s barely hanging on.

This will be all for now.  Sorry it’s a shorter post, and I’m sorry it took so long to get it out.  I will post pictures of the beer-drinking pigs next time I get on the internet!


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  1. Brookie, do you speak French? You’re getting a sociological education, going from island to island and neighborhood to neighborhood. Have you seen anywhere you’d like to live? The Iowa State Fair is featured big tonight and I keep looking for your Mom and Sam to show up. It is mostly political discussions, no pigs or corn. Hope you don’t have any more trouble with your computer. Love, Gmaw


  2. No. 2: Sat. Re-read your blog and there’s something I don’t understand. If you lost everything on your computer, how were you able to send the blogs? Did the list of contacts survive? I always have questions. Gma


  3. Brooke says:

    Hi Grandma! I took French in high school, but I’m thinking that I need to relearn it. I don’t think I’d like to live down here-it’s too hot/humid all year round, and I wouldn’t like all the hurricanes! All the contacts for the blog are saved through the website, so thankfully all of that was saved. I hope you’re doing well! Love, Brooke


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