Delicious Deli

Today we’re back in St. Croix, and by now I’m a regular at the Turtles Deli.  I’ve found my favorite sandwich (Pepper Turkey Special: Pepper Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Mayonnaise and melted Jalapeno Jack Cheese served on Sourdough Bread.  Glorious).  I have found out the name of the friendly cat (Gabriel, and he is gray, just like my aunt and uncle’s Gabriel).  I got up to try a beer (Blackbeard Ale: Virgin Islands Brewing Co.), and Gabriel stole my chair!  How cheeky. The internet password is stored on my computer, and I have been browsing the internet and chatting to people back home. I’m going to stop off at the post office before we get back on the ship, but we still have a couple hours.


Lately the smallest things have been making me happy.  I had to do a bunch of laundry last night, and I had just enough time before the show to throw the clothes in the dryer.  After the show, I hurried to pick up my clothes before they were dumped on the floor by someone needing the dryer, and to my surprise, someone had folded them and put them in a basket! My night was completely made.

Today we started the morning with a safety meeting, and tonight we only have two shows to do.  I think tonight I might go out because some people from the photography department are leaving tomorrow, but all in all it’s an easy day!


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  1. Brooke,
    So glad your able to enjoy not only the sailing, but your love of playing. I/We saw/met you while you were playing for Max at a couple of shows in DM. We are friends of Jane Meyer a friend of Max’s.
    I have the band “Black Diamond” out of the Cedar Rapids area.
    I was so impressed by your ability to play when we saw you, and now excited to be able to follow you during this experience. Have fun, play well.
    Mark S. Postl
    Black Diamond


  2. Phil Peters says:

    “Cheeky”? When did that get in your vocabulary? Are you hanging out with some British folks or something?


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