Day Off!


Well, technically we have two nights off! Today and next Tuesday.  These are my first nights off since my second week of working, and I’m so excited! Today we’re in Curacao, and I think we don’t have to be back on the ship until 6:30 or 7.  So far we’re at the standard Mexican food place that we usually go to, but I think we’re going across a bridge to the other side of the island to explore in a little while.

I didn’t end up horseback riding.  I had more training. Ugh! Customer service boot camp.  We learned the difference between listening and hearing, the difference between open- and closed- ended questions, and how to ask many different types of questions to guests (“give me some ‘who’ questions! now try some ‘what’ questions! ok, how about ‘how’ questions?) Oh my goodness.  The worst part was that he divided us into pairs and then sent one from each pair out of the room.  After they left he said, “Ok.  I’m going to have them tell you a story, and you are not supposed to listen to them for the first couple minutes!” My poor partner was a very nice seeming guy from the bar staff, and he immediately asked me about music and tried to tell me about how he was a dj back home.  I hated ignoring him, and Srini (trainer) never told them that he told us to ignore them!

After training I did get off the ship for a little while, but I had to miss the leave time for the horseback riding excursion.  Apparently it will be offered again, and I’m definitely going to do it next time.

We had Vibeology last night like usual.  I never thought I would have the bass line  to “Believe” by Cher memorized, but it happened.  Sighhhhh.  After the show I worked out and did the treadmill for a while, and I did a 5k for the first time! I didn’t run the whole time, but I’m just excited I was able to go the distance. I wanted to stop by the crew volleyball game just to watch, but I got roped on to a team and ended up having a really good time.  I scored points! All that volleyball in PE paid off. 🙂

We had an all crew drill and meeting this morning-my first one with my new Emergency number.  Now I go up to the spa and I’m a Public Area Team Leader.  A few of my spa friends are at the same station, so it should work out well.

OK, I want to go check out more of this island since I actually have some time today.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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  1. Dear Brookie, my, my, you are doing more and more interesting things all the time! Did you have any idea you would be doing all that? Some of it I don’t quite understand but that’s OK I am glad you’re having a couple days off and hope you get to horseback ride the next time. Tomorrow is your mother’s birthday–I hope it is a happy one for her. Cheers Grandma


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