In order to connect the gangway to the pier in St. Kitts, the ship ends up noticeably listing (extremely crooked).  You can feel it when you’re laying in bed, and when you try walking from one side of the ship to the other it’s even easier to tell that it’s crooked.

Usually we just come to a place for internet in St. Kitts, but I think next time I want to try an excursion.  Our crew welfare representatives requested more crew excursions, and there are three offered just this week!  I think I’m going to try the horseback riding in Aruba on Thursday.  I don’t think I’ve been horseback riding since girl scout camp years ago, and I’m getting really excited.

New cruise director started on Saturday.  He’s from England, and he has us play “Easy Lover” by Phil Collins every night as he walks on stage.  I never thought I’d learn that song, but it’s fun!

Today is another show with the guy who sang the Happy Days theme song.  He always has us do long rehearsals, but it’ll all be worth it for the two days off this Friday and next Tuesday.

My little sister has her college orientation this week, and I wish I could go see her campus. I’m planning to visit either in December or January, but it would be cool to see it in summer.

Harry Potter comes out this weekend, and I want to see it, but I don’t think the timing is right for me.  I won’t be able to go to the premier, and Cassie and I always talked about watching it together when we’re both back in Iowa. I almost always get mad at the movies because they’re not the way I imagined scenes from the book, but I still have a soft spot for them.  I’m not sure I’m ready for the series to finish.  I need to get into another good series of books, but I haven’t found one yet.

Another random-ish post for me, but those are just some of the things on my mind.


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  1. Dear Brookie, when you mention the ship listing, it reminds me of the movie The Perfect Storm, If you haven’t seen it, don’t, at least while you’re on a ship. Re: Harry Potter movies, they’ll be around for a long time and then someone will start a new series with different actors. Cheers. Grandma


  2. Phil Peters says:

    Hey B,
    you’ll have to report back on the horseback riding in Aruba. That sounds great. I’m now sitting in a hotel room in Minneapolis,getting ready to explore a bit more of the campus while sister Sam registers for classes. We saw her briefly yesterday and she was enjoying it.
    Keep the random posts coming. They are fun to read. Love ya,


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