Life in the Left Lane


I’m in my favorite place in St. Croix, and after I make some phone calls I’m going to go swimming.  Today is officially the end of my second month!  The time has been flying by, and I think I’ll be home before I know it.  Vacation will be completely necessary, but I can’t decide what to do.  All I want is to keep traveling-my whole extended family on the east coast, Cassie will be in Brazil, Kari in France.  I want to relax and enjoy Des Moines and seeing everybody in Iowa, but I’ve been bitten by the travel bug!

I’ve decided that I’m not going to use the internet on the ship anymore.  I don’t need to just hand my money back to them on pay day.

Last night I got to play with the guy who sang the Happy Days theme song.  Apparently it was in the pilot episode and we’re not sure if it was aired, but his show is all right.  Next week we’ll have a couple that doesn’t use the band, so we’ll have the day off on Friday and the following Tuesday (Barbados!).  We’re going to go over to the other side of the island and swim on an Atlantic beach-rougher waves.  I’ve been loving these beaches.  They’re beautiful and relaxing and the water’s always warm, but I miss going to the beach with family.  There’s something so special about going to the boardwalk and getting those Thrashers fries and ice cream and caramel corn and at the end of the day sharing a big bushel of crabs with everybody. The water is always freezing but the waves are big, and I can’t wait to do that again!  Maybe if my next two contracts are seven months long I can have a summer free in a couple of years.

All right, it’s way too hot and I have to go swimming.  This post was a bit more random than usual, but oh well.


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  1. Hi Brookie, going for a swim! Oh boy, that’s just what I’d like to do and in warm water too. Doug phoned earlier and said they were going to the beach at Delaware State Park, near Rehoboth, for a couple days. He talked for a few minutes and then asked me to go along. He said we won’t be leaving for an hour! That didn’t give me much time, did it? I declined the invitation. You have to pay to use the internet. Does that include emails and blogs? Love you, Gmaw


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