Frozen Love


The best ice cream place in recent memory, oh my gosh!! Second time going there, and it is delicious!

This is the end of my second month on board, and lately I’ve felt settled and comfortable.  My new roommate, Carol, is just finishing her second week.  I think she’s still a bit overwhelmed, but she says she likes it.  Her job (Adventure Ocean-youth program) keeps her busy all the time.  It seems like she’s always in training or working, and some nights she has to stay until 2 am with kids if their parents don’t pick them up earlier.  Since my work is more in the evenings or nights, we don’t always see each other, but we’ve communicated a lot via post it notes! She’s very sweet.  I think tomorrow we both have the morning/early afternoon off, and we might go to the beach!

At the beginning of the week I was sick, and I didn’t get off the ship last Curacao, so there were five days in a row when I didn’t get off the ship.  Oh man, I can’t do that! The ship is too small to stay on for so many days in a row.

Last night we got to play with the magician/juggler.  Usually on Wednesdays we just do a jazz singer set, so this was a bit unusual.  One of his jokes involved the whole band pretending we dislike his harmonica playing so much that we all either kill ourselves, start drinking, or, in my case, pull out a pillow and go to sleep onstage. He also insisted on doing a version of What a Wonderful World with a ukulele that he didn’t have written out for the band, and even when we expressed our concern (because he had so many stops and starts and cues that we had to remember) he still wanted to do it.  The first show fell apart a little, but second show was good, so I guess it worked out all right.

Every now and then I worry about what I’m going to do when I get off the ship.  Will I get gigs?  Where should I live?  What would be a good full-time job?  When do I want to go back to school?  I know it’s still early, but I need to consider different options!  I talked to my boss, and he says that I’m welcome to come back for another contract.  At this point I want to take about eight weeks vacation (the normal amount after a first contract) and then come back to the Serenade.  Next April it’ll switch over to the Mediterranean.  I think with a few contracts I can pay back my student loans, and it would be wonderful to get those out-of-the-way as soon as I can.  Then I’d be more free to do what I want later on!


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  1. Yes, get those student loans paid off as soon as possible! Grandma


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