One Happy Island


Aruba again! It seems like every time I start an entry I’m here at Starbucks.  All the license plates here have “One Happy Island” on top of the numbers.  I’m not sure if it’s happier than any of the other islands, but at least they’re trying.

New things? I have a new roommate who works for Adventure Ocean-the youth program on Royal Caribbean.  She seems sweet, but our schedules are almost completely opposite so I hardly see her.

Today one of my friends from the spa had to sign off.  She only came aboard two weeks after I did, but she did massage and got tendonitis.  She couldn’t work, and instead of sending her to be a receptionist on another ship Steiner (the company that hires spa workers) is sending her home to South Africa.  It’s a really raw deal because that company withholds the first six weeks of pay, and if workers don’t make it past six weeks they only get their tips.  They even have to pay for their tickets to the ship and invest in going to the Steiner school before they come! She’s the first friend I’ve had who left, and I’m not used to it yet.  It’s just one of those things, and I’ll just have to get used to people coming and going.

We’ve had the same band for a couple weeks in a row now…and we’ll all be here until the end of August.  The stage manager has been really easygoing, and we were able to use the Tropical Theater for a movie night and a game night.  Two nights ago my boss asked me to type up lists of music played by all the bands on the ship, and then he gave me two VIC cards! Very Important Crew…and I can redeem them for a bunch of different privileges! I’mmmmm excited.

We’ve added in a jazz set for just instrumentalists, and that’s been great too.  I’m going to try to learn more tunes by memory, and I think this will be a good way to do it.  First on the list: All the Things You Are. I mostly know it, but this week I’m really going to shed it. I’ve got lots of time, and I need to make sure I’ve learned a lot by the time I get home.

I got to practice my French last night at the crew bar! One of the engine room workers came up and he’s from Quebec and was excited when I could speak a little French with him.


Here are some pictures from our day trip to see the satellite from Golden Eye and Contact.  It was really cool to see the satellite, but the drive was a bit stressful and we got lost for a while.



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  1. Brookie, I don’t understand the satalite. Who put it there and why? The view must have been terrific and you look pretty terrific, too. Sorry, about your friend who was transferred to South Africa; that is a rough way to treat employees especially when they have a physical problem. Otherwise, way to go! Love, Grandma


  2. Kim Peters says:

    Way to cool…it really seems like you are having a great time. We are all so happy and proud of you! Love ya and be safe!


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