Another Aruba Thursday


Sitting at the Starbucks in Aruba again.  Last time we were here I went to a beach with Simon, Ariel, Randy, and Adam, and we played frisbee for hours.  Today is too hot/sunny to spend hours out, so it’ll be more of an internet catch up kind of day. This island is great because we always see really cool animals.  There are lizards almost as big as iguanas wandering around, huge pelicans, and one other big bird that no one can identify yet. Pictures next time.

We got our new trumpet player last Thursday! She’s from California, and we got to move into a big cabin in the musicians’ hallway on Sunday.  It’s so nice! And the day she arrived Darren, the musical director, told me that I’d be the one showing her around and helping her get used to the ship.  Suddenly I’m one of the people who knows enough to help others! I can’t believe that I’ve already been here over a month.

We’re all a bit tired today because in honor of pay day yesterday, we did a performance of one of our production shows (Vibeology!) at midnight in a special viewing just for crewmembers.  It got us out of a rehearsal today, but made for a late night.  This morning we had another Bravo Drill (I am getting so good at drills), and tonight we just have two more Vibeology shows.

Oh! Another fun thing: this week I tried the spa! On Sunday a couple of my friends who work up there needed an ionithermie model (not sure on spelling), and I got to do it! It’s a $160 treatment that I got for free! It was electrodes and mud on my stomach, and the electrodes contract your abs every few seconds.  Kind of strange, but it felt good.  On Monday morning I went in for a facial and loved that too.  I have to be careful because it would be so nice to go there often!

I’m still getting homesick sometimes, but I’m lucky that I can call in the US ports.  Hope everybody’s doing well!


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  1. ,Brookie ,you are a great advertisement for a cruise! Your comments are so enticing. You should sell them to the company for use in publicity. So far you haven’t mentioned food. How is it? Plenty? At the beach: stay in the shade as much as possible. Love you, Grandma


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