Small World!

I’m at a restaurant in St. Croix called Polly’s which reportedly had delicious smoothies, wraps, and internet.  As I was waiting for my smoothie I asked the owner where he was from, and he said Iowa! After more talking I found out that not only was he a fellow Iowan, but he went to UNI in the 80s, and after he graduated he moved to Des Moines.  He renovated houses in the Des Moines area by North High and near the 6th St. Bridge.  He was a neighbor and good friend of Curtis Barr, who’s been a coworker/family friend of my parents for a while.  The restaurant is named after his bulldog named Polly and her dad was the mascot of Drake University.  We knew a few of the same places in Cedar Falls and Des Moines, and he gets his coffee from the owner of a coffee shop in Des Moines called Zazibar’s.  I looooooovvvve small world moments!!  When I went to New Orleans I had a similar situation where the bartender said that his father lived in Iowa and worked at UNI in the sociology department.  There are Iowans everywhere!!

Another exciting thing for the day: I drank coconut water straight out of a coconut that a local cut with a machete-looking thing for me! Pretty delicious, but he told us to drink it the “local way” without straws, so it was a bit messy. 

Only one show tonight and then San Juan tomorrow!


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  1. Brookie! Way to go! So interesting to meet an Iowian and UNI graduate! We’re not alone in this world. As I write this Sam is getting ready for her graduation tomorrow and Devin for hers on Tuesday. This is Memorial Day weekend, you know, and Doug said they were having a cookout. I’m looking forward to that. Love, Grandma


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