Barbados/St. Lucia


Yesterday was the first time I got to go to the beach since I came aboard!

That’s my big exciting news for the week so far.  We’ll be alternating cruises every week, and the schedule for this week is as follows:

Sunday (May 22): San Juan!! We’ll be in San Juan every Sunday, and I can’t wait to explore it more.  On Day 1 of every cruise the orchestra will only play one “Welcome Aboard” show, so I’ll have most of the day free each Sunday.

Monday: Sea Day.  I think I had a bit of training, but that was all in the morning.  I think that we’ll always do a production show with the singers and dancers on Mondays, and it’s called Stage To Screen.  That was the trickiest one during the first week, but this time it went much better.

Tuesday: Barbados! Yesterday I went out with Simon and some of the spa girls to a beach called the Boatyard.  They have special crew prices, and for only $5 we get admission to the beach, beach chairs, one drink ticket, and a shuttle ride back to the ship in the afternoon.  It was the prettiest beach I’ve ever seen! I need to take pictures next time.  White sand, gorgeous blue water.  They even have rope swings and things to play on out in the water.  I got a little sunburned, but I’ll get a hat for next time.  Last night we had the guest entertainer show, and it was Tony Tillman, same as last Thursday.  I think those two shows went better this time too! Finally I’m starting to feel like I’m playing well.  After the shows a bunch of us from the band played Risk.

Wednesday: St. Lucia.  Right now I’m in Castries at a coffee shop called Rituals.  This island is much more mountainous (or maybe they’re just hills?) than the others, and it looks very pretty, but the city is just busy and hectic.  I heard that it’s best if you can get some people and explore further inland, so maybe in a couple weeks I’ll try to do that.  We only have one show tonight and it’s a jazz set, so that should go well.  I had training this morning, but most Wednesdays I’ll only have one show at 10 pm! Not a bad deal.

I think tomorrow is Antigua, Friday is St. Maarten, and Saturday is St. Croix, but I’m not positive if that’s the correct order.  Maybe I’ll try scuba diving on Saturday.  Some people mentioned going, and it sounds really fun!


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