First Week Finished!


I made it through!! It was rough and I still have a lot of practicing to do, but it’ll be ok.  I can now find my way to the mess hall, the room where they give training sessions, the theatre we play most often, a smaller dinner theatre, the main central atrium, the crew gym, the crew deck, the laundry room where they do linen exchange, and my room without getting lost!!!

Right now I’m in Old San Juan with one of the stagehand guys getting free internet at a Starbucks.  This morning we hit the mall early and shopped for things to wear to the Masquerade Ball happening in the crew bar on Thursday night.  I don’t always get all decked out for things like this, but I got a mask to match a dress I brought with me, some feathers to glue to the mask, and a tiara to wear.  Why not?

I was able to send a bunch of mail, and I think we’re going to walk around a bit more before getting back on the ship.  Later today I’m going to try to do laundry.  I lucked out because the staircase down to one of the crew laundry areas is in the hallway right next to my room, so that should be easy.  Apparently I’ll have to sit down there while my clothes are washing because people sometimes take your clothes out of the dryer even if they’re not dry.  Then I suppose I’ll practice and go to the gym and then play the Welcome Aboard show tonight.

I’m really excited today because yesterday we were at sea the whole day and I didn’t get seasick!! I could feel the boat moving, but it didn’t make me nauseous like earlier in the week! I’ve had many little victories these last few days.  Plus, even though I didn’t think I’d ever get a day off, I will have one this Friday and a week from Tuesday! The guest entertainers that are coming next week use a track bass instead of live. I don’t know what I’ll do with my spare time. I’m trying to locate the upright bass on board. One guy helped me look in all the places it could be in the main theater area, but they think that it might be in the smaller dinner theater, so that’s the next step. I reallllllllllly want to play some upright.

I think we’re going to check out more of Old San Juan, but I will post more later this week!


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