Well, it’s Day 5 of my ship life.  My week has been jam packed with training, rehearsals, practicing, getting lost, and playing shows.  On Sunday, after a morning of training, we had two welcome shows to play that night.  I have an extremely sweet roommate who works in the entertainment division as well, and everything I packed fit into my cabin! Sooooo all in all it’s been ok.

Right now I’m in Aruba enjoying a little break.  Apparently the hardest shows were on Monday and Tuesday night-one called “Stage to Screen” and the other was a guest entertainer named Domenick Allen (Foreigner member?). We’ll be working every day, but I think the shows will stay the same every week except for the guest entertainers, so we’ll only have a couple shows a night and our days will be free.

All the people on board have been super friendly and helpful.  They always help me when I get lost (because the ship is a maze in the crew areas), and the musicians have been fun to hang out with.  They are all guys, but there are a bunch of girls who work in the spa who will be on the ship for a while, so maybe I’ll get to know them better?  My bass had a bit of a problem, but I figured out how to fix it so everything is fine.  I need to post pictures, but this is the first time I’ve been able to get off the boat in a few days and we just walked around one of the beaches.  I think we can sign up to do crew excursions, and those will be better picture taking opportunities.

Yesterday I found out where to get rolls of toilet paper, fresh towels, and linens.  Definitely a good moment.  I found the library on the ship too! And they had a Tom Robbins book-he’s one of my favorites. Things are getting better, I just have to keep getting used to it.


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  1. Dear Brooke, way to go! All of us are with you. This is so exciting. And to think I am actually set up to receive your blogs–I’m almost in the 21st century. Love you, Grandma


  2. Phil Peters says:

    this is fun reading about your adventure. Keep the info coming. I was thinking the other day that this may be the longest period of time I’ve gone without actually hearing your voice in over 21 years. Weird.
    Stay well. Love, Dad


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