Pincushion Peters

This post has to be quick, but I want to have some record that I am officially getting on the boat in three days!  I still feel like there is a ton to do, but each day things come together a bit more.

I thought of the title on Monday when I went to the doctor and had a ton of shots, tests, blood drawn, etc.  Not my favorite way to spend a morning, but it was completely necessary.

I’m still working on cleaning out my car and sorting out all the stuff from my old apartment.  Moving out was crazy-hectic even though my parents came up on a couple separate occasions to help me move stuff out.  We were supposed to be out by noon on Friday (right in the middle of the recording session for Jazz One), but I called Tim (the lovely landlord), and he gave us an extension until four pm! There was still a lot of work to do, and Emily and her family helped A TON! I don’t know what we would have done without them since I was gone for jazz band all day and Cassie had to go to Ames to see Amanda’s graduation.

Recording went well.  We were able to use four recordings from concerts, so we only had to do five tunes + punches on all of them on Thursday and Friday.  It’s always great hanging with jazz buddies for such a long time.  I started stressing out because of how much I felt like I had to do and commencement was the next morning and a variety of other things, but everything went ok.

Another BTW-Mr. Chris (still working on the switch to Chris) had some of us seniors over for dinner on Thursday night, and it completely reminded me of the things and people I’ve loved at UNI.  ahhhhhh insert corny face and memories here.

So-commencement was Saturday (Michelle Obama spoke! Katie Berge spoke! I’ve sat across the table studying from one of the commencement speakers!!) I played in the orchestra. Joel won Stand Partner of the Year award when he let me sit slightly in front of him so I could catch a glimpse of Michelle Obama.  The craziest part: they kept the ceremony to 2.5 hours with 1900 graduates!

After a tour of my roomies’ (former roomies’?  Not quite ready for that switch.) new apartment, we had to say see you later, and I drove home to Des Moines.

This week has basically been a whirlwind of getting things ready to go, tying up loose ends, and trying to fit my apartment stuff into my mom’s house. Still not sure how that will work out.  Last night I got to hang out with Sam, and she even bought Coldstone! It’s hard trying to find time to see everyone and still get all my chores and errands done.

Anyway, I wanted some little note about commencement and the past week, but I have to run a few more errands and then meet up with Michele to hang tonight.  More blog when I actually get to Puerto Rico on Saturday!


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